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We would like to introduce our company, Herblife , based in India and UK dealing in various kinds of Indian origin herbs and spices and also sourcing various other variety of famous herbs from across the globe through our trusted suppliers.

Indian Ayurveda , the life science known from centuries for its magical properties and uses to heal ailments related to Health and Beauty and for natural well being with the use of these powerful and pure herbs naturally grown on the lands of India.

We Follow the same practice of Ayurveda at our organisation to develop , process and grow these herbs thus to preserve the ancient belief and giving the same beneficial properties , We have not commercialised our production with the use of chemicals and other non natural products thus our products are of guaranteed quality and usage. Besides that we are following the ISO benchmarks and provide required lab test reports from certified world renowned organisations.

Our Establishment in Jaipur, Rajasthan allows us to assure great quality product as the land is very rich for growth of various herbs and supervised by professional farmers. We have been developing and researching on new practices to grow these herbs avoiding the seasonal constraints and have been successful to a greater extent thus assuring you regular supply of some herbs throughout the year. Our herbs and spices are perfect for various industries namely Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Medicinal, Agriculture, Food etc. for research and production purposes.

We are trying to implement the concepts of FAIR TRADE and COMMUNITY TRADE at our organisation thus avoiding exploitation of labour, farmers and assuring proper wages and dealing. We source our range from specialist farms who are exclusive to us through legal procedures thus assuring our customers genuine product at best prices.

We also provide Custom Solutions from the recipes of Indian Ayurveda , under supervision of qualified practitioners, for various ailments related to health and beauty , like medicinal mixtures , creams , lotions , soaps , aromatherapy etc. So if you can think of a product , we can develop that for you. , a concept introduced by our company.

Our Directors are continuously in touch with Local Organisations and Government bodies which conduct various training programmes and provide supervision and help for production of herbs and spices, these organisations are renowned world wide and people visit them from across the globe.
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